Movin Kelly(non-registered)
Great photos here and probably more to come
Deena Zahra Safi Magel(non-registered)
No Ordinary Guy....
Its all in the name. Guy is no ordinary photographer. He captures the essence of what is. If you are looking for a piece of art contact Guy:). His creativity and passion comes through his lens and his eye for detail cuts through and extracts pure magic. I am a fan:)
Guy ... your photography is provoking and amazing.
Rae Davis Family Reunion(non-registered)
Thank you for being a special part of our history on August 2nd 2014
you made it a very memorable event for me and others!
Thank you Guy!
Excellent work, Guy! I'm impressed, but not surprised. Thanks for mentioning the link to this site.
Sylvia Schnieder(non-registered)
Guy, your work is so vivid it provokes an emotional response. Beautiful!
Bob Church(non-registered)
Terrific work Guy.
Thanks for sharing that link on Facebook.
This is a lovely site, well done! I love seeing all the different subjects. People are my favorite. Thanks for sharing with us :-)
Spectacular work Guy!
Love the new look. Now if you can just get Google to go directly to it. You took some great scenery shots there. I'm spreading the word!
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